Theft of Bike in Witherford Close

It has been reported that there was an opportunistic theft of a bike from outside one of the bunglows on Witherford Close last night.

The householder had come home from work and left his bike leaning up against the garage while he went into the house for a very short  time. As you will know Witherford Close is very secluded. A few minutes later he came out to put the bike in the garage and it was gone.

Please make sure your cars are locked and don’t leave anything out at the front of your house unattended or secured even for very short periods.



New Year: New Wards

The May local government elections see the biggest shake up of the structure of the council since 1971. These changes come out of the Kerslake Report of  a couple of years back which recommended major reform to both the operational and political structure of the City.   The changes are:

  • Currently there are 120 councillors after May there will be decrease to 101 councillors
  • Currently there are 40 wards after May there will be an increase to 69 wards
  • Of these 37 will be smaller single-member wards, and 32 will be larger two-member wards

Probably the biggest change will be to the frequency of elections. Currently seats are up for reelection on a four year cycle with one third of the seats being elected for the first three years and on the fourth year there being no election.

From May 2018 there will be one election every four years where all the seats will be up . This is the same system operates in the London Boroughs and for county councils.

What are the Implications for Weoley Hill?

The good news is that Weoley Hill is not being split between different wards, this has happened to a number of communities. It will be in the New Ward of Weoley/Selly Oak.

This is one of the larger wards and will have two councillors

Its boundaries run from the Bristol Road in the South to Alwold Rd in the North and from Harborne Lane in the East to Shenley Lane in the West.

To see a map of the new ward go to:


Seventy Years of Folk Dancing in the Village Hall

Folk Dancing 1

Weoley Hill Folk Dance Group celebrated their 70th anniversary on Monday 18th December with a 4 piece band, prosecco and celebratory cake. Alan Edwards, pianist, has played for the group for 63 years. Alan Woodward, one of the original members, cut the cake. The callers were Barbara and Bill Kinsman. Old and new members alike enjoyed an evening of dancing and celebrations. The group meets at 8pm on Monday evenings, commencing Monday 8th January at the Weoley Hill Village Hall; new members welcome!

Folk Dancing 2
The Birthday Cake

Wheelie Bins: Are we really expected to remember this?

I have just received this response from the City Council:

Unfortunately I can only reiterate my previous response, the criteria used to offer a free service was 3 consecutive missed collections reported and no action taken to clear as a result.

All residents are required to log the collections as missed as this creates a record that can be referred to if problems are experienced. This is stipulated in the terms and conditions provided at the point of sale

My response to this is: Am I really expected to remember the small print of an online agreement which I signed up to probably four years ago?

Did they send out any reminder of this clause during the dispute? I certainly didn’t see one.

My neighbour kindly logged the issues for the whole road so I thought that was dealt with.

I await a response from the Councillors.


Green Refuse Collection: Is this fair?

Last night I paid for my green bin for 2018 at the reduced price of £28.00. Before Christmas my neighbour over the road told me that the green collections for existing customers would be free. I talked to him this morning and he checked again and yes the council told him it was free. I then emailed his contact in the City Council who very promptly sent me this response:

We are very mindful there has been a great deal of concern about our paid-for garden waste recycling service and want to ensure we can best address the disruption caused to our subscribers.  It stipulates in the terms and conditions that three consecutive missed collections have to be reported and no action to clear if a refund is to be requested. Residents that had reported 3 or more consecutive collections were offered a free service for 2018. All other residents were offered a discount of 30%.

The important word here is reported if you relied on the website or press and didnt phone or email in that the collection hadn’t taken place then you are not entitled to the full 100% rebate. Yet I missed the same number of collections as my neighbour over the road.

Was this procedure publicised? Certainly I keep my eye on things and hadn’t picked it up. Please correct me if you think this is wrong.

It seems it is only by happenstance that you are entitled to the 100% rebate.

This post will go to two of the Councillors. you may want to contact them directly.

Only Three Days Left to Take Part in Friends of Manor Farm Park Survey

If you’re enjoying the final few days of the holiday break, then why not spend ten minutes entering the Friends of Manor Farm Park prize draw for £50 simply by completing our survey. There’s just three days left until it closes as 2017 comes to an end so get on and do it now. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a regular visitor to the park as we are also looking at broader questions like what features do you like in parks, and what amenities is the local area lacking? Visit or if you prefer a paper copy get in touch – 07968 325639.  You can find out more about the park and the Friends by finding Friends of Manor Farm Park on Facebook

Manor Farm Park
Manor Farm Park: A Hidden Gem

New Years Resolution: Order your Green Bin Early

The City Council have sent out this notification:

 Greener Cleaner

Dear Customer

Garden Waste Collections – renew from 1 January 2018

Let me start by apologising for any disruption you have received to your garden waste collections this year as a result of the industrial action.  I hope you will understand that these were unusual circumstances.

We want to keep you as a customer, so as a goodwill gesture we are offering you a 30% reduction on your renewal. This means you will pay only £28, a £12 discount off the full price service, for 20 fortnightly collections running from early March to early December 2018.

In a change to previous years, sales for the 2018 service will open on 1 January 2018, not 1 December 2017.   You will be able to renew online from 1 January if you follow this unique link, solely available to our current customers:

The renewal discount will only be available during January.   From 1 February sales will go on general sale and all customers will pay the full price of £40, or £38 online.

Final collections for the 2017 service are taking place either this week or next week, depending on which week rota you are on.  If you are unsure when your collections finish, you can check here:


Yours sincerely

Darren Share


Waste Management Service